We are a family business that we have been manufacturing quality billiards and foosball, for private use or for business, since 1985.

We differ from other manufacturers to offer a design, customized to your style and your needs, offering a variety of models in billiards and table football made of solid wood and can be customized with different measures, or tonalities finishes.

The pool tables are robust and durable, by having a base game and a solid slate calibrated to support large weights extructura.

ELBILLAR.ES, Pool España S.L – Billiards Factory

our 25 years of experience guarantee our work in the manufacture and sale of billiard and Foosball, offering the highest quality and at very competitive prices.

A pool table, You have to have certain number of features: a custom design to your style, Solid wood in different colors, based board game and a solid extructura calibrated to withstand heavy weights. All this makes, a table not only be integrated into the desired environment, but also be attractive, robust, functional and durable.

Each of our pool tables, It offers the possibility of turning it into an elegant cabinet, well in dining table or ping pong table. All materials used in our pool tables are tested and guaranteed by our engineers, using premium brands.


For your comfort, We perform transportation and installation at any location in the world.



Customer Information: 925 795 008 – 661 516 624


Technical service: sale of spare parts for billiards and foosball, Manufactured by

Troubleshooting and repair service home, changes Mats pool tables.

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